How to Strengthen your Immune Health

How to strengthen your immune system? How do you get a strong immune system? This question peaks our interest right now. Your immune system is one of the only defenses you have against the outside world. Most likely your immune system is already quite strong but might just need a little support. Strengthening the immune system won’t happen with a few supplements. Supplements do work to synergistically increase the strength of the immune system but several lifestyle priorities need to take precedence in your life. Nutrient dense nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction and gut health must not be ignored when striving for a strong immune [...]

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Break Through Weight Loss Resistance

Weight Loss Resistance - A Symptom of a Deeper Problem If losing weight was simple, the diet industry would not be so gigantic. Losing weight is complex, it requires focus and analysis and it usually goes deeper than food and exercise, especially as women age. Many women experience weight loss resistance, or the inability to reduce their weight despite dietary and activity changes. Weight loss resistance is certainly frustrating but it’s important to realize that resistance to losing weight is actually a symptom of a deeper problem. It’s your body’s way of telling you, like all symptoms are, that something is out of balance in [...]

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Reduce Stress in 7 Steps

Stress Reduce stress we are told. In fact stress contributes to 95% of disease. When I work with clients and in most of my blog posts, related to all types of topics, reducing stress is a key tool for improving health outcomes. Stress is rampant, it’s excessive, and it’s wrecking our health. What is cortisol? Cortisol is a hormone excreted by our adrenal glands. These are little walnut-sized glands that sit on top of our kidneys. We need cortisol in the right amounts so that we have the right amount of energy to get out of bed in the morning and start the day and [...]

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How to Quit Sugar

It’s time to quit sugar There is no better time to break up with sugar. Why now? Because we are in a pandemic and sugar wreaks havoc on our immune system. Because we are seeing that those with the worst outcomes have metabolic disorders, which means, among other issues, their consumption of sugar was too high for many years. We are feeling stressed and anxious, again sugar will increase the intensity of these feelings, the highs and lows of blood sugar enhances anxiety and depression. Sugar is highly inflammatory to the body and it’s just plain toxic. Sugar brings you up and then down Sugar [...]

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Sleep, stress and your immune system

Sleep, why are you so hard to get? I fell asleep at bedtime without a problem, on the early side, about 9:30pm, I was tired. However, it’s 3am and now I’m wide awake staring at the ceiling, or rather, flipping from one side to the other, hoping that the right position will make me sleepy. It’s not working. I have a song playing in my head, I have a scene from Chicago PD that I watched before bed that was a little too stimulating and disturbing also playing in my brain. I’m worried. I have worried thoughts about my kids missing school, missing their activities, [...]

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