Sleep, stress and your immune system

Sleep, why are you so hard to get? I fell asleep at bedtime without a problem, on the early side, about 9:30pm, I was tired. However, it’s 3am and now I’m wide awake staring at the ceiling, or rather, flipping from one side to the other, hoping that the right position will make me sleepy. It’s not working. I have a song playing in my head, I have a scene from Chicago PD that I watched before bed that was a little too stimulating and disturbing also playing in my brain. I’m worried. I have worried thoughts about my kids missing school, missing their activities, [...]

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Immune System Support- Beyond Vitamin C

My 9 year old threw himself on the floor for the 3rd morning in a row, very upset that he couldn’t have a friend over to play. I tried to convince him that he should do some reading, I would read to him, or he could practice some math facts. I am trying to homeschool a child that thrives under structure and currently has none. He says every day how unfair this is and because I am his mother, he blames me, says that I am a mean mom. Everyone feels how hard this is, everyone’s structure is gone. We are trying to adjust to a new normal, one where we feel uncertain and have little control over. We do have control over our bodies and our choices, so let’s focus on those.

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Welcome to Anne Grier Health

Hi! Welcome to Anne Grier Health! I’m so happy to have you here! I’m a mom of 3 kids, one learning to drive, lover of ice hockey, 16 year old son, one 13 year old middle child, my only daughter, provider of hugs, smiles and laughter who loves to dance. And my youngest child, a son, keeps me on my toes and questioning my parenting abilities on the regular! He also likes hockey and loves football and has the biggest heart, but hates being the youngest child at age 9. They keep the mileage on my car high, busy in the kitchen and always challenged to [...]

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