Debloat Detox

12 Day Debloat Detox

Ready to get rid of that painful bloating and gas? My 12 day debloat detox will do just that!

Our bodies need a bump in detoxification at least a few times per year and this detox will not only get the toxins moving out of your body where they don’t belong, but it will also get rid of that frustrating bloating that is painful and makes it hard to button your jeans! This detox will leave you feeling lighter, slimmer, clear-headed and full of energy!

Signs a detox would be a game-changer right now:

Weight gain

Brain fog

Rashes or acne

Cravings, especially sugar


Joint pain


Gas and bloating

Constipation or diarrhea


Depression or anxiety

Low energy

Poor sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we all do! Our environment is full of toxins. These toxins come from many environmental sources including pollution, toxic ingredients in household cleaning products, beauty products, and processed foods and they become stored in our bodies. Toxins especially like to attach themselves to our fat cells, which makes loosing weight next to impossible!

This detoxification includes real, whole foods but will exclude the triggering and inflammatory foods below:

  • Eat real food (ideally no food labels)
  • No sugar/ refined or artificial sweeteners
  • No gluten
  • No soy
  • No alcohol
  • No or limited caffeine (green tea is okay)
  • No fried foods or trans fats
  • No conventional protein (aim for organic, grass-fed)
  • No dairy
  • No OTC drugs (Tylenol, Advil, etc.)
  • Continue all prescription medications

Most people to do feel worse before they feel better. This is part of the detoxification process and a sign that you are indeed moving toxins out of your body. It’s common to feel tired, have a headache, an increase in a rash that you had before. Any symptom that you struggle with could amplify a bit in the beginning but will likely dissipate by the end of the 12 days.

While you can do this detox even if you don’t have bloating or belly issues and have all the benefits of a detoxification, it does include supplements, bone broth and other specific foods that are especially nourishing and healing for the gut.
While feeling a bit tired is common, if you felt awful we can certainly make adjustments to the detox as that is no fun! And often can be remedied through hydration with electrolytes, making sure you are pooping, and adding an extra relaxation or sweat session, depending on the specific situation.

No reason to be scared by the word fast! This is completely optional! But a bone broth fast is extremely healing to the gut. It gives it a break from digestion for the time of the fast while adding in the nourishing properties of bone broth. Fasting also allows your body to detoxify more efficiently as it does not have to also digest food. It turns up the volume on your detox but it is optional! You will still see great benefits if you choose not to include the two fasting days.

It will take preparation and planning but as long as you are aware of that and set the time aside, it should not be an issue. You do have to be committed to prioritizing your health for the 12 days and a couple of preparation days. If that makes this hard for you, it may be time to realize that you and your health should be top on your priority list!

What’s Included?

Meal plan to follow exactly or for ideas


Supplement guide

Daily checklist and food journal

Options to increase the intensity of the detox

Daily support emails

About Anne

Hi! I’m Anne, a registered nurse, certified gentle sleep coach, functional medicine certified health coach, restorative wellness practitioner, positive psychology life coach, and environmental toxin specialist.

As a busy mom of three children, I know exactly what it feels like to be exhausted, spread thin, experiencing terrible digestive pain, and putting my health and needs last on my list.

In 2012, I began working as a child sleep consultant, helping new moms tackle the challenge of establishing healthy sleep patterns for their babies. What I noticed though is that long after their kids were out of the crib, moms were themselves having sleep issues, along with all kinds of other health problems like brain fog, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, and digestive issues.

I too was really struggling with painful and embarrassing digestive issues. I was desperate to fix my health! I saw several doctors who were not helpful so I began my mission to heal myself. I tried many different approaches to eating (Lowfod map, paleo, keto, carnivore, lots of variations of elimination diets). I saw nutritionists, homeopaths, naturopathic doctors and I enrolled in many certification programs.

I have tried nearly everything (it feels like- but I’m sure there’s more!) so that you don’t have to! I took parts from all the practitioners, courses, cleanses, detoxes, and diets, and my own experience to heal my gut! It’s not perfect but it’s so much better and I’ve discovered my specific needs for my body at this time in my life!

Nobody needs to struggle through this much experimentation! While there is certainly no quick fix and some trial and error is necessary, my years of struggle and determination now give me the experience to help others heal without such a long journey. I’d love to guide you through gut healing and learning the foods that work for you and so that you feel great in your skin again!

Anne Grier